Neural XR

Neural XR is a therapeutic virtual reality tool that successfully increases the awareness and teaching of self-management strategies for cognitive fatigue after brain injury.

  • Cognitive fatigue is the most troubling and longest lasting symptom in 73% of individuals recovering from a traumatic or acquired brain injury. The long-term effects of fatigue can considerably impair an individual’s ability to work and lead a normal life.
  • Neural XR has an advantage over traditional therapy in that complexity can be matched to patient progress, real world stressors / hazards can be simulated safely and multi-modality feedback can be customised.
  • Our product introduces the ability for a specialist clinician to provide high-level rehabilitation and intervention for patients in remote and rural areas, directly to the individual's home.
  • The proof of concept was created and trialed by CerebralFix in collaboration between Laura Fergusson Brain Injury Trust, University of Otago and Callaghan Innovation using a co-design process with clinicians and Rehabilitation engineers.
  • Neural XR is incubated and supported by EPIC Kawatiri Westport innovation centers commercialisation program.